One of the four Wearable Item types for your character, below is a list of the various Belts in the game and where to find them.

Name Description Location Image
Gold Buckle A fancy gold belt buckle. Battle Arena
Belt - Gold Buckle
Lion Buckle A stylish lion belt buckle Battle Arena
Steam Punk Belt This belt is awesome. Auction House
Belt - Steam Punk belt
Bat Buckle Utility belt not included Roger, Base of the Mountain
Gold Clover Belt Buckle This item is quite dashing St Patricks Day Event
Holly Belt Buckle Looks great, but watch out for prickles! Christmas Event
Jewel Belt Buckle A fancy jewel for your belt
Miner's Belt You can keep all your mining utilities on it! Roger, Base of the Mountain
Moon Buckle This buckle is the bane of werewolves everywhere.
Pearl Belt Buckle It's so shiny! The Rocky Depths Custom Item

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