A list of all the Pets found (so far) in the game:

Name Description Location Image
Easter Bunny Your very own candy-laying Easter pal! Complete the Easter Event 2016
Elfy Your very own Christmas Helper! Complete the Christmas Event 2011, 2015
Parrot It wants a cracker!
Enchanted Pot'o'gold You're not entirely sure how this thing works, but eh, that's magic for you! Complete the St Patricks Day Event 2016
Reindeer A wee little reindeer, given to you by Shay for helping feed Santa's Reindeer Find 250 deer during Christmas Event Quest 2015
Mini RoboClaw Your very own miniature RoboClaw! Complete the Mad Scientist Quest From the Ashes
Snowy The Christmas Pet from 2010. Available for Bush Bucks in 2011. Complete the Christmas Event 2010, 2015
Turkey A live Turkey, wrangled during the turkey wrangling event of 2010. Complete the Thanksgiving Event Quest 2015

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